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Framework of choice for implementing a Model View Template (MVT). Here are some notes on organizational conventions, from planning to deployment.


One does not simply, "git push". After accepting the learning curve, a bare metal repository with post-receive hook is my favorite way to deploy.


OS setup info related to Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, and AMI 2.


Databases benefit from the third normal form (3NF). This is where I keep my notes on how to target this through the abstraction of Django.


Server side languages are for creating the controls, logic and interactions that differentiate a web application from a static website.


Cient side markup languages and things related to presenting info on the web.


Code Notes - under construction

Local Git Repo Setup

Mr. Kent - May 25, 2024

Setup for making and linking a local git repo to your github account.

Django Project Setup (development environment)

Mr. Kent - May 11, 2024

These steps will setup Django inside containers. We will end up with a local environment that houses two docker containers, the Django web framework and a Postgres database. Both reside in a docker compose network.

Django File Downloads

Mr. Kent - April 23, 2024

This process shows how to implement file downloads from a file, using the FileResponse function built into the django.http module.

Add a Sitemap to Django

Mr. Kent - April 12, 2024

A sitemap is a .xml file that provides structered data to help search engines gain context about your website by understanding the layout of the pages in the site.